Confession doesn`t mean how many bad things we did

Priest Constantin Sturzu 

It doesn`t mean how wretched and villain I became. It doesn`t mean the place where I come and capsize the cart with my sins. If my confession is limited at this then all I do is to focus on myself, on the corporeal man – when I commit the sin but also when I confess it.

Confession is focused on Christ, in it essential are mercy and forgiveness, the sacrificial love of the Son of God whom I, the man, crucified on Golgotha.

Repentance is a return towards God, a reorientation of my being from the earthly ones to the heavenly ones.

But it should not be outlined this movement of mine, only the fact that I have to whom to return.

To focus during the sacrament of confession on what I do, it means unavoidably to slip to one of two extremes: either to the pride coming out from the fact that I work at my salvation or towards the despair to see all the time what a sinful man I am (meaning so far of God)

Important, essential, liberating in the act of confession is the love with which I am received by God and which manifests very concretely by the words of absolution pronounced by the confessor priest and by his gesture to embrace with his hands over the epitrachelion my head bent towards the earth.

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