The treasure from the cave

A hermit went into a cave because of the rain and found there a treasure. He went out very frightened crying:

`I saw death. I saw death!`

Outside he met with three robbers who looking around asked him:

`Where is death, old man?`

The hermit took them to the cave and showed them the treasure discovered by chance. Seeing the gold the three robbers felt their hearts leaping out of joy and being sly they told him:

`You are right, old man, go away of this place!`

After the leave of the old man the robbers remained near the gold which was in a huge quantity wondering how to carry it from the top of the mountain. In the end they decided that one of them would go after supplies and carts and the other two would remain on guard.

The man who descended in town after supplies thought :

In town I will drink and eat and party then I will buy supplies poison them and I will remain the only owner of the treasure.`

The two robbers who remained on guard thought :

Half of the treasure is more than a third. At his return we will kill our fellow who went in town and will share the treasure in two. They thought in this way and this is what they did. They killed their fellow returned from town with supplies and carts and they ate the food poisoned by him and in this way they all died.

Injustice and greed always kill.

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