The tragedy of the modern human lies in ceaseless haste

The tragedy of the modern human lies in their perpetual haste, a hurried pursuit devoid of purpose.

With boundless vigor, mountains are upturned, entire cities erected and razed in fleeting timeframes. Yet, upon meticulous scrutiny of this fervor and its consequential aftermath, it becomes evident that it fails to propagate goodness in our world. That which does not multiply goodness is unfruitful. Even the eradication of evil proves futile if it does not stem from the wellspring of kindness, if it neglects to yield the abundant fruits of benevolence.

The cadence of human life has grown increasingly frenetic, an unrelenting sprint against the clock; all are in motion, gripped by the fear of lagging behind, of missing someone, of forfeiting opportunities. Machines traverse the air, water, and land, yet they do not bestow happiness upon humanity. Instead, they unravel the tapestry of the remaining goodness that adorns our earthly realm.

Excerpt from To an Unknown Spiritual Son – Archimandrite Ioan Krestiankin, Doxologia Publishing House.

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