There is nothing worse than discontentment. This feeling, induced by the media and social networks, has managed to establish a permanent state of sterile agitation. It has transformed into a virtue, closely intertwined with the concept of heroism.

People find themselves driven to be dissatisfied with various aspects of life: the potholes on the roads, traffic congestion, the incompetence of officials, and almost everything else.

Whole groups of people lose their minds over causes they cannot change, but which change their minds, hearts, and make them sick

Consequently, fewer individuals are able to maintain focus on their own responsibilities.

And you will tell me that remaining passive in ideological and influential conflicts empowers the wicked. That is not true. It is the collective engagement, energy, and force of individuals like you that irrationally catapult those who would otherwise be insignificant into positions of power on the world stage.

The induction of discontentment is the sole means of recruiting and shaping the army of “useful idiots.”

Peace and prosperity are established where discontentment is overcome through faith and magnanimity. Magnanimity is the only sign of courage and wisdom, and it is the fundamental characteristic of any leader. Anyone who leads by inciting discontentment and hatred will lead their followers into darkness.

And if you have no reason to be satisfied, ask yourself what’s going on in your life. If you can’t find satisfaction within yourself, who else from the outside could satisfy you?

Being content is the cherished secret of happiness.

Father Savatie Bastovoi

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