The tea, the carrot and the egg

Did I tell you the story with the tea, the carrot and the egg?

The niece said that she didn’t.

Then  listen it, her grandpa said. Once a man complained that he had a lot of troubles. A wise nun called him, put some water to boil and she threw in the pot a carrot and an egg. After they were boiled she made some herbal tea and asked the man what he saw.

A carrot that softened after being boiled and a hard egg, said that one.

And what does it smell? the nun asked him.

There is a smell of herbal tea.

Therefore the troubles and grief are like the boiling water. There are people who think they are powerful but when they face troubles they are sinking in the boiling water like the carrot which softens and has no power. Others are like the egg. Inside they are helpless and they have only an outer shell which is hard and seems to protect them. When they face hard times they fall in the boiling water like the egg and harden themselves.

But there are some others who are like the tea. When they face troubles they are like the tea which falls in the boiling water and don’t get hardened or softened. They turn water into herbal tea which spreads its scent. All those who surround them enjoy their scent. They turn their troubles and grief into knowledge, kindness and joy. Farewell then and take care to be like the tea.


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