The statement that evils were created by God is a denial of God, Who is Good and the Goodness itself

God being good could not have placed inside the human nature the evils that are seen inside it now. „Being the work of God’s hands, who in His kindness created this being, no one from those who judge righteously would ever suspect the One who created him out of His love that He, his Creator, would have thrown man from the beginning in a world of evils.  There is  another reason for being now in such a state and stripped of the goodies of yesteryear.”

To consider that God is the source of evil it means to negate His kindness. ”Evil does not come from God – says Dionysius the Areopagite – for He is not good then, does not make good and does not create good things.”

But to deny God’s goodness it means to deny God Himself, for He is the Goodness itself. Saint Basil the Great considers as pagan the one who thinks that God is the creator of evil: ” Who says that there is no God is mad, mindless and irrational.

Exactly like him and just as crazy is that one who says that God is the creator of evils. I say that both of them commit as much of a sin, because they both deny the Good One, one of them saying that there is no God and the other one deciding that God is not good.

Because if God is the source of evil, then obviously He is not good and both statements lead  to the denial of God.”



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