About spells and how they can be broken

The enchantments are of many kinds. They are made for breaking apart a family or for making a couple split or being unable to have children or just for making a certain person get sick.

Usually the people who suffer because of magic have the following symptoms:

very bad headaches, either on the back of the head, or on the forehead, or between the eyes. Palpitations, numbness of the heart, hands or feet, misunderstandings in the family for unsignificant things, restlessness when you’re at home, heavy head, indisposition, idleness, no willingness to cook or clean the house, the feeling that something strangles you, a weight on the chest, the feeling that something moves fast through your body, to get sick and suffer while doctors don’t find anything wrong, to have physical infirmities, to lose weight when you eat normally, to have fears, suffer of melancholy, etc. These are just a few of the symptoms from which the victim of some black magic may understand if they touched him.

Symptoms for those who suffer from magic spells

The described symptoms must not be considered as precise effects of the spells. If someone has a heavy head or feels a weight on his chest he must not think immediately that some spells were made against him. Just as some don’t want to believe at all that they were made charms (even if they find at their doorstep certain traces – dead frogs or other signs)in the same way others are obsessed that there were charms made against them and confound the fatigue or physical indisposition with signs caused by charms. Only the priests who keep the straight faith are able to say if someone is or not under the influence of magic (the other priests, who open the Book or use other magic practices try to convince the people that they have spells made, just for increasing the number of their clients)

Who breaks spells

The only method for breaking spells and for healing demonization is our sincere return to Christ, through confession, repentance, Eucharist and all the other things recommended by the priests of Christ.

”Don’t deceive yourself, Christian, I tell you that no wolf would ever become a sheep, according to the saying,  nor the devil would ever become a doctor and it would be easier for the fire to freeze and for the snow to burn than to see the devil healing for true, because he is always helpless. And if we presumed that he might heal you, know that he does not want this because human health is something good and the devil always hates the good things, that’s why he is called ”the hater of all good”, Saint Nikodemus the Hagiorite said.

For breaking the spells made against you, Christ must enter your heart and your house for true  and then the priest will come to sanctify your house and read the exorcisms of the Church, of Saint Basil the Great, of Saint John Chrysostom, that are written in the Euchologion of our Church.

How the spells are broken

Those against whom the priest found that there were made charms, must not go to any sorcerer, enchanter or fortune teller etc because the situation would get worse. The spells are broken if:

  • You make a sincere, general confession from childhood till the present time
  • You make a confession at every 40-50 days or every time the soul becomes heavy
  • You take Eucharist as much as it is possible, if your confessor allows it
  • It is mandatory to go to the church on every Sunday
  • You take antidoron and drink holy water every morning
  • You fast on every Wednesday, Friday and in all important fasting periods
  • You hallow your house and ask to be read for you the exorcisms of Saint Basil the Great
  • You sprinkle with the blessed water from this service all the places of your house daily
  • You say prayers in the morning and in the evening
  • You burn incense daily and light the votive candle
  • You read a chapter from the New Testament every day
  • You forgive from your heart those who made the spells and destroyed you


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