About fasting

Fasting is a special virtue. It appeases carnal impulses and confers power to the soul for fighting against its intoxication through senses and gives it the remedy for this intoxication.

Fasting purifies the mind, withering any sinful thought and brings divine health to thinking, this being proven by holy thoughts. They enlighten the mind and this being enlightened gives more spiritual zeal to the soul.

Fasting, prayer, abstinence, vigils, attract divine grace, the grace of the Holy Spirit. The grace of the Holy Spirit is manifested in many ways and the feelings brought by it are many and various. The Holy Spirit through the high accomplishment of prayer and watchfulness gives the gift of tears, of joy, of farsightedness, of teaching, of longsuffering, of divine comfort, of hope, of divine love, of contemplation, of rapture.

Let us strive fasting according to our power, keeping a physical, mental and emotional abstinence, fighting with all our might against the enemy of our soul. Watch your senses, my son, especially your sight. The eyes are like the tentacles of the octopus that catch everything is moving around and they are affected by the temptation of sin faster. Through sight many spiritual towers fell down and got lost. David, because he did not guard his eyes, came to crime and fornication, although he was a great prophet of God.


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