Love – the echo of life

Being on a trip in the mountains a young family stopped at a chalet from the edge of a valley. The youngest boy, angry with his brother, went behind the chalet and cried: I hate you! But immediately a loud voice answered: ”I hate you, I hate you!”

Scared the child ran inside and told his father what happened, saying that outside there was someone who cried that he hated him. They went together to that place and the father asked his son: ”Were you here when you heard that someone hates you?”

”Yes! ”

”Now say that you love him!”

”I love you!” the boy cried and immediately the valleys answered: ”I love you! I love you!”

”Remember that in life it’s the same: if you are a malicious man, you will find only malice, but if you are kind and behave nicely with the others then you find only love at every step. And even if you wouldn’t be always loved by people, God’s love will always be with you. Don’t forget this.”



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