The power of love

They say that the power of love is a special, supernatural force beyond the human understanding which should and is capable of breaking down mountains, ideas, conceptions, obstacles and anyone who stands against it. But I think that the power of love is gentle. It is that force which makes you a better person without being aware of it. It gives you wings to fly high and beautifully. It gives you self confidence without falling into the extreme of arrogance, being pleasant and beneficial for the surrounding people. This is because if you have self confidence others will have confidence in you as well.

The power of love is invisible. It likes to be transparent, to act, to help, to express itself without revealing its identity. It likes to remain unknown, because love is humble. Its force won’t ever seek to assume its credits.

The power of love has the capacity to make the man discover his dreams and follow them. It challenges him to use his maximum potential for fulfilling his role on this earth.

And what’s the most important, the power of love will never suggest, will never tell you that it can destroy you, though if it aimed that it could do it. But it never aims to use its powers to destroy a man, only to lift him up.

The power of love gives you the energy to pass over any sickness, regardless of its nature, be it yours or of someone close to you. That’s because love doesn’t weaken, only strengthens.

The power of love will never make you feel small, incapable, ugly, weak, without value. That’s because love’s greatest quality is to make you feel strong through it, although love is the strong one. Anything else is not love and doesn’t have its power.

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