The barber and God

Once a man went to the barber to cut his hair and shave him. Immediately after the barber started his work, they started talking. They talked about many things and after some time they touched the subject of religion and God.

The barber said at once :

`I don’t believe there’s any God.`

`Why?` asked the client.

`It’s so easy. Go out in the street and you’ll understand why there is no God. Tell me if God exists why are there so many perverts, so many abandoned children? If  God had existed there wouldn’t have been any pain and sorrow. I cannot imagine a God who loves and pities but allows all these things.

The client thought for a while but he didn’t answer anything because he didn’t want to see the talk taking the wrong way. In the end the barber finished his job and the client left. But when he went out he saw a man with long curled hair and a big unshaved beard. He looked very dirty and shabby. In that moment he went back to the barber’s shop and said to the barber:

`You know something? There are no barbers.`

`How can you say something like this? the barber asked amazed. Don’t you see that I am one? What do you mean?`

`No, the client kept on saying. If there had been any barbers then there wouldn’t have been any men with long dirty uncombed hair like the guy who is outside.`

`But this happens because they don’t come to me.`

`Exactly, said the client. Here’s the point. God exists too but those facts mentioned by you happen because the men don’t go to Him to ask for His help. That’s why there’s so much pain and sorrow in the world.`

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