The story says that once a woman was chased through the forest by some thieves who wanted to rob her. The woman entered a cave she found in her way, in the hope to hide and not to be found.

The thieves sought her near the cave and she heard their voices and steps. She was extremely worried for her life. With the weak power she had and with a great despair she started praying to God.

Almighty God put Your angels to descend and cover the entrance so that they won`t find me and kill me.`

In that moment she heard the men approaching the cave where she was hidden and then she saw a small spider.

The small spider began to weave a cobweb at the entrance.

The woman was watching and gasping and she immediately started another prayer this time more worried:

`God, I asked You for angels not for a spider.`

She continued: `God I beg You to make a solid wall at the entrance so that these men won`t get in and kill me.`

She opened her eyes waiting to see a stone wall blocking the entrance but all she could see was the small spider spinning around its cobweb

The thieves were so close the mouth of the cave and the woman was feeling lost and waiting for her death.

When the thieves came in front of the cave the spider had already covered the entire entrance. She was squat there in a corner with her head covered by her arms and heard their talk:

`Let`s search this cave.`

`No. It`s useless`, one of them said. `Look there is a cobweb. It would have been impossible to  get in this cave without tearing the cobweb. Let`s go further.`


We ask for things which from our human point of view are what we need, but God gives us those small things which may turn big and make the difference.

Sometimes we ask for safe walls but God gives us in turn to trust Him, to let His power work and make a cobweb which to provide us as much protection as a strong wall.

If you asked for a wall and all you see is only a cobweb, remember that God knows what we really need.

God is never wrong. He knows what we need and what is best for us…He allows that His will be done and not ours.

Have trust in His plan and don`t be afraid of anything you wonderful Man who are part of His Creation.

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