The brick

A young man who held an important position in his company, was driving his new Jaguar with enough speed, in an area that did not have such a good fame.

He was extremely careful lest any child would come out all of a sudden in front of him from the parked cars. At a certain moment, thinking that he saw something moving, slowed down. But instead of seeing any child, a brick seriously hit the side door of his Jaguar. He braked abruptly and moving back, headed for that direction from where the brick had been thrown.

Obviously annoyed, he jumped out of his car and caught a kid who was nearby. He shoved him and thrusted him with his back on a parked car then yelled at him:

”Why did you do that? And who are you? Who the hell do you think you are? This is a brand new car and the brick you threw in it damaged it seriously. Why did you do it?”

The boy, for defending himself, said:

”Please, sir, please, forgive me, but I didnt know what else to do…I threw the brick cause nobody stopped.”

With tears flowing over his cheeks, the kid showed him a place behind  a parked car.

”He is my brother. His wheelchair toppled over on the sidewalk and he fell out of it. But I cannot lift him up.”

The boy asked the young man:

”Could you help me please to put him back in his wheelchair? He is wounded and is too heavy for me to lift him up.”

The driver stood as thunder-struck…He tried to come to his senses then quickly lifted the disabled boy, installing him back in his wheelchair. Afterwards he took a paper tissue and cleaned the boy’s wounds. He realized at a glance that the wounds were superficial and would heal in no time.

”Thank you!…God bless you!” the little boy said gratefully to that stranger. The driver, distressed, looked at the kid who was pushing  his brother’s wheelchair on the sidewalk, going home.

He returned to his Jaguar after quite a while. The damage caused to the car was not at all negligible, but the young man has never taken it to the car service. He purposefully left it as it was in order to remind him the following mesage:

”Don’t live your life at such speed so that to force the other to throw you a brick for drawing your attention.

God whispers into our souls and speaks to our hearts. Sometimes, when we don’t have time to listen to Him, He throws us a brick…

Then it’s up to us if we are willing to listen or not…


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