”My children mustn’t experience the hardships I’ve been through”

 An American journalist and writer, Jim Bishop, wrote: Once I asked a psychiatrist what he considered to be the worst mistake parents make. He answered that the worst mistake most of them make is to say: ”My children mustn’t experience the hardships I’ve been through.”

”Why would this be a mistake?” I asked him. His answer is noteworthy: ”What makes you be the human you are – if you’re really human – is exactly the fact that you have encountered difficulties, that you had to overcome difficult situations, that sometimes many things were against you, that it was important to climb up, to sneak around, to crawl, for reaching the top.”

”A soul that didn’t experience any pains is of no use. (Saint Teophanus) Priest Anthony Coniaris

Source: ganduridinierusalim.com

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