Priest Visarion Alexa

Every passing year takes away a part of our life.

`Happy more returns of your birthday!`, this wish should have a resonance beyond death, into eternity, for in this life it is too little.

The man is an eternal creature who lives only temporarily on earth.

We have a testament I would like to put into our hearts. This doesn`t regard our profession, our social position but it is left on God in person on earth.

This testament is the Holy Liturgy.

At every liturgy we pray to be together and not to be split up.

I think a parish is like a marriage God places us inside.

At the beginning we all pass through the fire of screening after which some stay and take the testament of unity further on and others leave.

In a parochial community where the people understood the testament of unity the things are beautiful, the people easily show their love for each other, the power of forgiveness is great and the forgiveness comes easily.

However many times the demon may divide even where things seem indestructible.

Try in your parish as in your marriage to pass over all wickedness and envy and remain united around what preserves in the most concrete form the testament left by Christ to us: the CHALICE with His Flesh and Blood.

Try with all your might not to lose this thing which is essential for salvation.

It doesn`t matter what profession you have, how many virtues you have, how much knowledge you acquired, before God matters only the Communion with Him.

I am a priest from 2004 and every day I try to put this testament into the heart of the people from my parish but also in my own heart.

Do not stagger so easily, do not give up so easily at the divine Chalice which brings peace and rest to the man.

I think the Chalice is a window, an open path to the Lord on which I invite you to walk. Understand that our spiritual health, the joy and hope of our life stay in the power of the Holy Eucharist.

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