Tell her that you love her!

Saint John Chrysostom

Tell her that you love her without fearing that she would ever delight herself or she would use in a bad way these words. For the shameless women who go with a man or another it is natural to get delighted when they hear such words. But a good girl will never boast. She will humble herself.

Show her that you like to spend much time with her, that you prefer to stay at home for her sake instead of meeting with your friends. Honor her more than you honor your friends, more than you honor your children. And love these ones for her sake. If she does something good praise her and admire her.

If she falls into a mistake advice her and correct her gently. Pray together. Go together to the church. If it happens to face poverty remind your wife that the holy apostles Peter and Paul who are above all the emperors and rich men spent their lives in hunger and thirst. Show her that no misfortune in life is terrifying unless we oppose God and His will.

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