Sexual debauchery: the scientific aspect of the matter in the view of the theory about telegony

It is natural for two young people who marry and want children to dream of having some healthy ones. But not all of them know how the purity and chastity of the two influence the health of their offsprings and the heredity of the future generations

Recently some scientific materials have made public secrets about an unknown phenomenon called `telegony`.

The knowledge and information about telegony were more based in the past on the empirical method and practical observation than on theoretical research but lately there appeared new theoretical scientifical approaches of this phenomenon: the undulatory genetics (the Ph.d in medical sciences V. Barbaş) and biochemistry (S. Pruziner). Our ancestors knew intuitively this thing and they highly valued the virginity of the people who married. It was proven that it is not at all negligible if a woman had intimate relations before marriage and birth. Nor is it negligible whether the man had sexual partners before marriage and the conceiving of the baby. The phenomenon of telegony elucidates these realities.

The term telegony comes from the Latin tele (remote, at distance) and gonos (kinsfolk, birth) or gono (sperm, sexual glands, hormones). Thus telegony meansliterally remote sexual hormones or basing on the research of the quantum genetics, `the influence of the sexual hormones upon the future generations.` It was attested that the genetic hereditary information is transmitted not only through the genes (the material carriers) but also through the informational fields of the genes and this even more than in the first case. If the man had intimate relations then the quantum data about his sexual partners are present all the time in his body, in his informational system and they may influence future generations by transmitting various genetic information towards them. Because of this phenomenon (of telegony) a debased girl, a debaucher was considered unworthy of marriage because she could not offer genetically pure offsprings to a man. From this derives the custom which is considered tough in the view of the modern sexual moral of smearing with tar the gate of the girl who sinned, who fell into debauchery. This was a sign that the girl was depraved, not being good for marriage, for wedding for the perpetuation of the people with whom she wanted to unite.

 (Why all the restrictions are centered around the woman ? I think the explanation is rather simple: the man gives his sperm and the woman receives it, makes it grow and probably she is more disposed to preserve the genetic information)

Ch.Darwin`s coeval, the French biologist, professor F. Le Dantec described various situations related to the phenomenon of telegony in his work `The man, the evolution, the heredity and the neodarwinists` It is eloquent the example of the interbreeding of the horse with the zebra. 150 years ago the horse breeders who wanted to obtain new breeds for improving the resistance of the horses decided to interbreed the mares with the zebra stallions. The experiences failed because there was no result of the interbreeding, the conceiving did not take place. After a few years the mares who took part at this experiment gave birth to some brindled foals even if they mated with a horse of breed. The academic world was shock. But the dog breeders were not surprised because they knew this fact: if a female dog of breed mates even once with a backyard dog, even if she has no offsprings then anyway in the future she doesn`t give birth to puppies of breed. The breeder of pigeons knows that too, when a hen pigeon mated a common male pigeon she won`t have offsprings of breed: either the feathers of the tail are different, or the color of the beak changes etc. In fact all the animal breeders know very well what means telegony based on their own practice otherways there would be no horses of breed, milk cows, true sables…

In the second part of the 19th century the scientists asked themselves if the effects of telegony affect the man. This question generated some complex physiological anthropological, sociological, statistical researches. In a short time they came to the conclusion that the effect of telegony affects the man indeed even more than it affects the animals. In the chapter `Telegony or the influence of the first male`

F. Le Dantec draws the conclusion: `Not only the first male has influence upon the offsprings but also the other partners of the woman and the baby who will be born from this woman who has other children from different partners may have the features of all these other fathers.` Thus the popular saying `Keep your virtue from your youth` got a scientifical substantiation. It is worth to mention here the words of saint Gregory the Great who warned us: `The debaucher sins against his kinsfolk.`

The studies we talked about proved, although they could not explain, the fact that during the sexual intercourse, because of the information received from the informational fields of the genes, changes took place at genetic and sexual levels in the bodies of the woman and the man, changes which in the future may affect the offsprings of one or both partners, even if they did not conceive any baby together. Thus those who practice free intercourse may have offsprings who don`t look like their mother or father but like their neighbor. Life offers us many examples of this kind. But we must mention that in this way not only the physical traits as the skin, the color of the eyes, the hair are inherited, but also the socio-psychological parameters as the predisposition to alcoholism, amoral behavior, psychical diseases etc. 

The phenomenon of telegony proved that the notion of virginity is a moral-genetical one. This aspect is extremely important. If a man and a woman want a healthy baby and if they want to feel love from this child and respect, not offence, they must both be virgin until their marriage and loyal in their marital relationship. Any sexual relation leads to the genetic change of each one of the partners even if they did not conceive any baby together. This inevitably attracts some behavioral changes from the future babies who feel estranged of their parents and many times there appear conflictual situations of hate between parents and children. This burden is transmitted from father to son.

Virginity, chastity, purity and marital fidelity represent the genetic base of the family happiness and welfare transmitted from generation to generation. These criteria assure not only the durability of the family but also of the nation and of the state. That is why all the religious confessions insist upon the value of chastity promoted not only at familial level but also at state level.

The biblical truth that `because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, it is confirmed once again through the experience of life. The invisible sins from the intimate life of the people are reflected in the visible chaos from the society of nowadays: there are not born practically any more healthy babies, the women and men are devastated by the multitude of gynecological and urological diseases. The life of the man of nowadays is more and more affected by feelings and notions like: frustration, estrangement, aggressiveness, criminal and suicidal tendencies etc.

After the scientists came to these conclusions the investigations in this field were forbidden considering them a taboo and the works approaching this issue were gradually restricted. Practically the scientists had no choice: the scientifical demonstration of the fact that the people of nowadays are the result of the amoral instinctual life they live means the renunciation at the basic pillar and principle of the actual civilization – the life lived for pleasure and delight and the huge profit obtained from the sex business. But the most important thing is the fact that the massive spread of the knowledge about telegony would not allow the promotion of the sexual revolutions and of the various shameless theories regarding the sexual moral and thus they would put in danger the activity and the profit of a broad army of researchers and promoters of the free sex in the modern age.

Actually the theory of the quantum sexual genetics and especially the scientific base of the phenomenon of telegony have many contesters and opponents. This is explained by the fact that beside the uncomfortable factors mentioned above to accept and admit this phenomenon, the human nature itself is inclined to find self justification if it does something wrong and to negate telegony. This truth is well described by the Orthodox psychiatrist N. D. Guriev:

`Because it is peculiar for the human nature to have a positive tendency, many people more or less sinful try to prove that the sin is not bad but if they knew its voidness  they could not be anymore its unconscious slaves.

Presently the phenomenon of telegony is confirmed by the human destinies. Some researchers of the matters consider that telegony implies not only the hereditary influence of the first partner upon the future offsprings from other men but also the degeneration of heredity. The sin of debauchery being a deadly sin marks the seal of the curse on the children of the unrepentant debauchers. The more the debaucher sins the dirtier he becomes spiritually and genetically and he is like a soiled vessel full of dirt, like a soil poisoned with pesticides and herbicides incapable to give good offsprings.

Today when the civilized mankind crosses a profound crisis of morality and the human species is threatened by an acute process of degeneration, the scientists remembering the studies of  F. Le Dantek, are again interested in studying the issue of the impact of the sexual contacts with different partners upon the future generations. Moreover, we must add that the researchers from the field of sexual genetics have a great pedagogical importance. The consequences of the sexual revolutions from the USA in the 60ties and the beginning of the 70ies then in Europe and the pandemic of contagious sexual diseases (BST) and AIDS, the gynecological and urological maladies, the problems of infertility and many others of this kind find their explanation in the theory of quantum genetics. In fact quantum genetics discovers the mechanisms of the complex process in which the spiritual alteration of the human nature (the deadly sins) affects the physical hypostasis of the man. It was proven that in the male and female bodies of the humans at oscillatory level remains the memory of each sexual intercourse. That is why in the moment a man and a woman have sexual intercourse with a new partner at genetical level they enter in contact with all their previous partners.

In conclusion we realize why in our times there are revived tendencies urging the youth to preserve their chastity and purity especially in the societies with a high degree of freedom of all kinds.

Tatiana Doibai, teacher,

High didactical degree

Translation and adaptation after  „Уроки трезвости” (Lessons about vigilance) by the priests  Alexei Moroz and Vladimir Ţîgancov, M.2006)

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