We confounded selfishness with dignity. But one thing is dignity and another one selfishness. Selfishness aims to make us become the center of the world and to enjoy seeing that all the people talk and marvel about us and adore us. I met people who destroyed themselves because of their selfishness.

And for not altering their exterior image, they take psychotropic medication. They prefer the humiliation of their body, the death of their soul for preserving their exterior image. And they are so selfish that they don’t even accept God and refuse to pray to Him so that He would save them from the destruction that took hold of them. Sick selfishness, bringing death!

Because of his selfishness man was expelled from heaven, selfishness is the root of many evils and it doesn’t allow us make any progress in our spiritual life. Selfishness and pride make from us enemies of God, because the Holy Scripture states it clearly when it says that: ~God is against the proud ones.~

But the men who have God in their hearts, use selfishness in their benefit. And they have the power to transform selfishness in dignity. While others prefer to be dragged by selfishness instead of asking for the mercy of God. The misery and loneliness of their soul in all its awfulness!

Excerpt from the book of mother Porphyria – Listen to me! that is to be released soon at Evanghelismos Publishing House

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