Only God gives peace to the entire Creation

Redeeming are only the humble tears, springing from a meek heart

  The tears flow when the thoughts gather inside us when we stand for prayer and we pay great attention to it or when the heart is moved by certain words – for instance at the Holy Liturgy or when our thoughts are linked with the words found in the prayers of the Holy Liturgy, Vespers and Matins or when we pray in seclusion. The Holy Fathers say:

Everyone when he prays to God will find somewhere a word that will touch his heart, somewhere in the Psalter or in one of the books of teachings – a word that will touch his heart or a prayer from which will spring tears.

When all our rational powers are gathered inside ourselves, we fully understand  knowing our weaknesses that we have sinned against justice, against truth and against love. Then we feel that we’d like to see rain pouring over us and washing us of all these impurities. This feeling means tears. Yes that is when tears start to flow. That is why the Holy Parents say that once a word touches the heart, we must keep it for a long time, as much as possible and we should not care about anything else.

We are not paying all much attention at the Holy Liturgy so that we may cry. Who got rid of worries, who has humility may cry anytime, in any moment. And it is no wonder  since he is in the state of union of his thoughts (in his mind)

This state means humility and his soul is meek that is why he is always ready to cry – as for me not being this way, I have to be flipped in the nose to cry. To cry because my nose is hurting me or because of my selfishness, because someone humiliated me and flipped me. See for what reasons I can cry, but know that is of no use for me! Only the tears springing from humility and from a meek heart are redeeming.

Starets Tadei


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