The communion of the leper

Another story proves the doubtless faith and the piety the pious Nicholas Planas had in accomplishing his holy duties.

There in his parish on a narrow street was hidden a leper in a severe condition. His lips were destroyed because of the terrible disease.

Once the father went to give him the Holy Eucharist but his destroyed mouth could not receive the Holy Flesh of the Lord, which fell aside. Without an hesitation, the father bent and took with his mouth the divine gem which had fallen and ate it.

This to be heard by those who hesitate to commune because they are afraid of microbes!

This is indeed a great blasphemy! The God of the living and of the dead, Who made the skies and the earth to be defeated by microbes! That`s a nonsense of the dark faithlessness.

In what regards that sick man, he was discovered by police and sent to the asylum for lepers together with his daughter who had got infected as well and had her fingers destroyed. Despite these, the father didn`t suffer any harm.

Excerpt from Saint Nicholas Planas the protector of the married ones – Nun Martha, Evanghelismos.

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