Nobody can hide from the face of GOD

If you run away of God, He won`t run after you, but He will wait for you. On any way you would go, you will meet God. But if you don`t recognize Him during the encounter your journey will be followed by recklessness as a walk through the graveyard.

At any door you will knock, God will open for you. If God doesn`t open the door for you, no door will open for you.

The welcoming of the Living God has as the first and the most important result the defeat of death by life. His rejection has as its first and the most terrible consequence the defeat of life by death. In the first case we may say that all this brightness of life through the darkness of death will be ended by a glorious fire of life in which death will burn. In the second case we may say that all these attacks of death against the faint glimmerings of life will end with the darkness and the absolute silence where death will repose for eternity.

If you erase God from cosmos you erase the distinction between life and death and you surrendered to death for complete destruction everything from a shore of time and space to the other.

In vain you run away of God, you can`t hide from Him. It is true, He won`t run after you, but He will wait for you. He won`t wait for you only in the place where you left Him but on all the ways and corners of the world.

You will pass more easily by the moon than by God. Indeed more easily you will run away of the air than of God.

Excerpt from Thoughts about good and bad – Saint Nicholas Velimirovitch,  Predania Publishing.

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