The visible beauty speaks about the beauty of the Creator

The garb appeared after disobeying God`s commandment because before they sinned our forefathers didn`t have clothes as it is written in the second chapter from Genesis and they didn`t need them as they didn`t see their nakedness; when they sinned they saw their nakedness and they began to be ashamed and that is why they were forced to find something to hide it. But God being merciful with them made them clothes from leather and covered them

So you see the need for clothes was caused by sin as the sin revealed to our forefathers their nakedness and made them feel ashamed and need cover. That is why Saint Andrew from Crete writes: The sin sewed me a leather robe, taking away from me the first robe woven by God.

From this you can understand what a mistake is made by the men who seek adorned clothes and they don`t make clothes for covering nakedness and warming the body but for the sake of boasting and prinking oneself up.

They consider the adornment a thing of honor which shows in fact our wretchedness and ugliness, they try to boast with what reveals their sin, they delight with what should bring them sadness – the sin of breaking the law – they pride with what should humble them.

All the beasts are even today as God created them not needing any clad being content with their natural cover. Only the man was deprived of it because of his sin and he must borrow from beasts to cover himself.

It is surprising or rather pitiable the fact that the man covers himself with a foreign leather and takes pride in this when he should have reason to humble himself knowing that he is naked, poor, wretched and needful.

If you find pleasures in the visible beauty turn your eyes to the beautiful sun, to the moon and stars, to the field, to the trees, grass and flowers, to the birds, fish and all the other beasts and creatures of God and marvel at them know from them their Creator and see His Beauty.

If He made such beautiful creations how incomparable Beautiful is He Who created everything!

Seek this beauty which is the reason of all beauties and by delighting with it you don`t find any satiation, but the more you see it, the more you wish it.

Excerpt from About the real Christianity: about sins– Saint Tikhon from Zadonsk Sophia Publishing.

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