Light the candle in your soul

The signs of the spiritual death are quite obvious at the man from nowadays and they are nothing else than the result of the superficial preoccupations we have daily. These signs bear the names of some psychical disorders: anxiety, anguish, depression.

If we give a formal appearance to our relationship with God and to our presence within the church (we come only once a year for confession, we commune very rarely maybe a few times during our entire lifetime) we won’t do anything else but impede the work of God in man, because this approach is a superficial one.

It is needed a spiritual awakening of man, his orientation towards God, an understanding of our existence. Why? For overcoming meaningless life, which many times has tragic accents, for overcoming sadness which makes the man addicted to pills that help him survive one more day from the age of 30-40.

My biggest wish is to be able to embed in man eternal life and make him understand that a superficial spiritual life won’t awake his soul. Having a superficial relationship with God, considering God as a magic spirit from the lamp who is ready to make his next wish come true and then get back in there so He won’t  bother him, the man loses the spiritual richness God created for him.

I wish we understood that Christ is the plenitude of our life! He is our model, He came on earth to teach us, to show us how we can enter the Kingdom of God. Christ leaves us the Holy Eucharist saying: `Whoever eats My Body and drinks My Blood has life in himself.`

Don’t forget that each year steals something from our life…they don’t steal only time, they don’t add only white hairs on our head, but embed in the man who doesn’t want to know God the spiritual death before the bodily one…the hell is eternal sadness and loneliness.

A wonderful priest of our times used to say so nicely : A Christian who doesn’t rejoice is a man with the lights turned off.

The candle has a very low price but in a candle there is a deep meaning: in order to spread light and heat it consumes itself, it melts away. But for the man who wants to enlighten those around him the price is painful: his ego.

It is very important to pour from the love we have in our souls, from the love God embedded in us, to pour drops of love in the hell of the life those around us live. When someone receives the love drops from someone else in his pains and sadness that are like hell, at first he gets frightened, this thing seems strange and inappropriate to him, he will step backward because the man is used to receive material gifts, but then his heart starts to recognize this condition and he begins to experience the joy of someone else’s love and ultimately of God’s love.

Only if you move in this life between two landmarks – Good God and your neighbor, you will succeed to find your path and light the candle from your soul…

Priest Visarion Alexa


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