Terrible: Father, you killed me!

While driving on a great boulevard, a lady witnessed a car accident occurring right under her eyes and in that incident a young man was seriously injured. Helped by some people, she put the young man, who was about 20 years old, in her own car, to take him to the emergency hospital. The young man was bleeding and the lady drove as fast as she could to reach the hospital as soon as possible. He was taken and carried inside the hospital by the specialized staff and the lady accompanied them, to find out who he was and then to inform his family. The doctors on call found that the young man had to go under immediate surgery. They called the surgeon who asked 1000 $ for performing the operation. The doctors informed the lady about that and she related them the accident and said that she did not know the boy. They talked with the surgeon again but he remained absolutely inflexible. He wanted money.

The lady, seeing the young man was almost dying, said:

”Try to save the young man, cause I will go and bring the money myself.”

She brought the money indeed and only after that the surgeon showed up.

But ironically, on that night his greed was confronted with a great shock. When he saw the young man he got thunderstruck. He turned pale like a dead man. He collapsed over him screaming of pain. Then the young man uttered his last words:

”Father, you killed me!”

And after saying these he died.

The lady shocked by what had happened, took the money and threw it all in the face of the surgeon saying:

”Take it and use it for the funeral of your son!”

And that was his only son.

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