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In saint John Maximovici’s book there is a dialogue between a beggar and a famous theologian. This theologian had asked for 8 years to bring in his way a man who could show him the safest path to the Kingdom of heaven. One day when he had reached the culmination of his prayer he heard a voice telling him: `Go to the church and at its entrance you will find the man you are seeking.`

Then that man left his prayer and ran to the church where he found an old beggar with ragged clothes and wounded knees.

`May you have a nice, happy morning, old man!` the theologian greeted him.

`I have never had any bad or unhappy morning`, the beggar answered.

Then the theologian said again:

`May God give you all goodness!`

`God has never given me anything that was not good.`

The theologian hearing the second strange answer asked him:

`What’s the matter with you, old man?` `I wish you to be happy and you answer something else.`

 `But I have never been unhappy.` `I live after the will of God and I have never complained for the yoke He gave me, I’ve always been content.`

`But where did you come from, old man?` the theologian asked him again.

`From God.`

`And where did you find Him?`

`Where I have left Him.` `In the good will.`

`Who are you, old man?` `And to what class do you belong?`

`It doesn’t matter who I am.`What matters the most is that I am content with my condition because king is the one who controls and overcomes himself.`

Then the theologian agreed that the path of the beggar was the safest and the only one that leads to heaven, which is to entrust yourself to the will of God.

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