The cup filled to its brim

A man who was overwhelmed by the worries of this age decided once to visit a holy hermit. He wanted to calm down a bit from the stress that was troubling him and went to ask advice from the elder.

He found him in a poor hut.

`Bless me, father`, he said greeting the hermit. `You know I’ve made such a long way till here.`

`Have a seat`, the elder said. `Let me pour you some tea!`

`I spent many years studying at foreign universities`…the man started to talk about himself.

`Let’s drink a tea first`, the hermit insisted.

`Now I am the manager of a great company`, the other one went on talking about himself.

`I think you’re going to like my tea`, the hermit said, going on filling the cup of his visitor.

`But father you’ve already filled it to the brim and now is pouring down over it.` `The tea is pouring down!` the visitor remarked annoyed.

`You are just like this cup filled to its brim!` the wise elder answered. `If you do not make even a little space, emptying some of what you carry inside yourself, blessed man, how could you let me put inside yourself a little from what I know?

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