I wait God patiently

Priest Ioan Bădiliţă

I look at the people who go out of the church after the holy liturgy; people who worked all their lifetime and are exhausted by the tiredness which is read on their faces when they bring a tear at the door guarded by Archangel Michael. I fell as all their toil enters in the core of the antidoron and mingles with the quiet dance of the candle flame. All their sweat flowed so that life could bear fruit. I feel in this exhaustion they have God`s fragrance.

Then I remain alone in the church, me and the incense clouds which still float among pews. For a few moments I have the feeling that God reveals Himself only when you remain alone, when in the desert of the world you live your own empty loneliness and only the presence of God. I feel that only the sound of my footsteps follow me in the mundane desert. IN the heart of this desert at every crossway and corner I wait God patiently. I know He exists and breathes near me and I know He also waits for me there where the way ends, at a corner of a fence or in the shadow of the cherry tree near the desert well. This waiting is already a foretaste of God.

In the world it`s only me who is walking through the endless desert and God whom I see standing and waiting there where all the roads end…

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