The academy of donkeys

Priest Ioan Istrati

The most used sophism, because it is not an argument at all, against Church and priests is the one that Jesus rode a donkey and the priests have expensive cars.

Ok. The donkey was in the times of the Saviour the car of nowadays. The Bible is full of verses which show that a donkey was afforded at least by the middle class. The horses were forbidden for civilians being used only in the army. Therefore a donkey was necessary for transportation and it was a sign of abundance as we can see in the parable of the merciful Samaritan.

To have a car today it is a need. To have a good car especially after you studied for more than 20 years in schools is something natural. IN the depraved Romanian society the illiterate punks, the traffickers of arms and women, the thieves from the West have all the right to have good cars but the priests no, not even if they walked a lot for this and it was necessary for them.

The enemies of God would like to see the priests riding donkeys, I don`t know how, maybe beside the road. In fact the demons from them would like to see the priest disappearing completely because they spoil their mission to demonize the world. All these decerebrates would not ride a donkey, they have huge houses and fortunes but they have this right, not the priests. In fact the argument with the donkey shows us clearly that the sophisms we use to explain reality DEFINE US.

Donkey is that one who instead of working criticizes the others and comes up with this stupidity with the donkey. But when his mother dies he wants to see the priest coming in 10 minutes. The argument that the unborn baby is not human shows that who says this is not human. The argument that the baby doesn`t feel and think proves that the person who says this tupid thinh doesn`t feel and think at all.

The argument that Jesus rode a donkey shows the fact that the man who says this is a donkey.

I apologize to the real, kind, stubborn, hard working donkeys that draw the cart.

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