How nice is the sign of the cross!

Priest Ioan Bădiliță

Notice the motion: the right hand, anointed in the sign of the cross from infancy with the holy chrism goes downwards from the forehead to the heart, stretching an invisible bow. Then as if it kept a pick, the three fingers united going from the right shoulder to the left one, slightly touch the strung bow, expressing a feeling deeply rooted in the soul of the man.

It is a love song. A meta verbal way in which our bodies tell God: `I will praise You for being such a wonderful creature!`

Indeed some of us make the sign of the cross only when in sickness or at exams. Others do it in a haste and ashamed. But the sign exists. Crucifix or church, the man still takes out his hand from the pocket or moves the bags from the right to the left hand and salutes the Crucified King. The fact that this gesture can never be repressed this is what I call a miracle.

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