If you humble yourself you are rewarded

First of all you must know that few people know the grace always precedes the temptation. Meaning that you receive arms but then it comes a trial. When you receive grace you generally know that, you feel it, you recognize it, although you are not always aware that you have received it.

The grace would remain at you if you did not sin but it leaves immediately when you commit a mistake and the joy from your face disappears too. And we don’t understand why. After we receive grace it comes a trial which manifests itself by an exercise of humility.

Thus God can take away the grace of a person who is near you to test you. If you humble yourself, you are rewarded and this is what is aimed. After you humble yourself everything ceases as if it had never been anything at all. But you keep your reward. If you answer in the same bad way it means pride is the one which wins and the grace leaves you.

You gain in a discussion an apparent justification but you lose the grace, the reward and the person who is near you. Unfortunately we don’t understand that Good God can take away the grace of anyone including us, to test the others and then our behavior surprises us too so why don’t we understand then that He can take the grace of our close ones in order to try us.

Look around you carefully and see whether I am right or not. It must be taken into account that it doesn’t matter who is right in a discussion, what counts it’s only your attitude towards the situation. And humbleness is the one which helps us go further on the path of salvation.

`This path is very difficult, father, very difficult, full of sacrifices and struggles and I don’t even have the guarantee that I will reach the destination.`

` It’s difficult, it’s true, but it’s worth. Remember one thing about the destination: even if you are on the path and die, you are buried in the city and you understand what I mean by this.`

Excerpt from the book Down to earth, author Ionuț Riteș.

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