I will pray, but you pray too and God will hear us

By the prayers of Pious Paisios many regained their health.

Once a father asked him to pray for his child who although was six years old, did not speak, only cried with inarticulate cries.

The pious man said to him: `I will pray but you pray too and God will hear us.`

As long as he stayed in the Holy Mountain, the father prayed a lot. His wife as well took their four children and asked them to pray.

`Kneel down`, she said `to make prayer to be heard by the Holy Mother of God. Your father went to elder Paisios  to help us to make Andrew speak.`

When the father returned home, Andrew ran first to greet him and asked him :

`Father, what did the Holy Mother of God do for me?`

These were the first words the child said and since then he began to speak normally.

Excerpt from Saint Paisios the Athonite –  Evanghelismos Publishing.

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