How to learn to be obedient?

We have to learn how to live the heavenly life – and this thing is not easy, because until now we’ve lived a narrow life of opposition. For example a family man – who has a family, a household and he knows how to do his work, but very often he does something he doesn’t like, because let’s say his father told him that things should be done in this way and he does it against his will and it doesn’t come out as it should.

Thus, if we do like this, we have opposition inside. If we don’t get rid of this inner opposition in time we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, to live among the angels and saints. Because we’ve got used to have an attitude of opposition against a thing or another all the time, since there’s always something that’s not in accordance with our will. We are not used with obedience. We didn’t learn to obey the will of God, we want to make our own will. But son, this is something you should not do! Those who do their own will are not received by the heaven and by the earth.

That’s why we should be thankful to God for everything – even for the situation we have to face. He knows how everything goes and He will bring out something very nice from us when we humble ourselves. We should know that here on earth we work for Him, without taking into account who gives us the task. He supervises our work, He is the One Who gives it to us and no matter if we are faithful or not, if we want that or not, we must accomplish the plan of God. Woe to me! I’ve burdened you with my words – but thus we should learn to be good!

Source: Starets Tadei, How your thoughts are that’s how your life is

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