Poor Christian yogis are victims of some paltry demons who are lurking the seekers of spiritual experiments

Yoga is not a simple innocent gymnastics as it seems at first sight but a pagan magic practice where are invoked consciously or unconsciously some malefic powers (demons) by those mantras from Sanskrit that cannot be understood by mind (Mantra = Vedic verse with magical power) and the corporal postures (asanas) Yogis believe in pagan deities and worship them (they don’t believe in the Christian God) and for them the man is a manifestation of a deity, not a creation of  God as a person.

Their notions of good and bad are relative and illusive. They say that the fate (karma) everyone has must be expiated by a number (cycle) of lives. Then by a complete depersonalization and asceticism the man must achieve by himself transcendence and they say that everything is in the power of man and the needed resources are found within himself. The entire yoga system is based on the demonic idea of identity between man and God (in the meaning that the soul and God are of the same nature)

The yogi has to reach this false identity – full of conceit – in his moments of so-called spiritual meditation. The Hindu yoga has been known in the West for several decades and it generated especially in America numerous sects and kinds of therapies without any religions content. Essential in yoga is not discipline in itself but meditation that has to be reached. It must be known that even that one who seeks only to practice the spiritual aspect of yoga predisposes himself to certain spiritual demonic attitudes and experiences he is not even aware of.

In the 50’es a French Benedictine monk wrote down the experiments he tried by practicing a Christian kind of yoga. Of course that this idea of a Christian yoga is a pagan one because the hidden aim of this practice is to use the yoga technique under the name of `Christian meditation` for reaching the effects of relaxation, satisfaction, contentment and mental passivity which would favor without any impediments the ideas and experiences with demonic finality. For example, according to the practitioner of the so-called Christian yoga the exercises produce an effect of an exceptional calm and an euphoric state of health that’s allowing him to do more good in the physical and spiritual plan. The deceit is so great that the Catholic monk who practiced yoga wrote: `The relaxed person is ready to vibrate at the touch of the Holy Spirit and to receive with gladness what God pleases to let him feel.` under the impression that this comprehension is the highest form of Christian contemplation. Thus he thought that the daily exercises and the whole yoga discipline facilitate the flow of grace from Christ inside himself saying in the same time that the hunger for God grows permanently as well as the thirst for justice and the ardent desire to be a Christian in the true meaning of the word.

Anyone understands the nature of the demonic deceit or of the false spiritual experience. According to saint Ignatius Briancianinov there are two main forms of demonic deceit.

The first and the most spectacular of these appears when someone fights to reach a high spiritual level and become even worthy of visions but without being cleansed of passions basing only on his wisdom. To such a person the devil gives appropriate dens.

There is one more form of demonic deceit which is more common and less spectacular and it doesn’t offer to its victims extraordinary visions only exalted religious feelings. This happens as bishop Ignatius writes `when the heart desires and tries to reach the joy of the holy and divine reflections without being prepared for them.`

Whoever doesn’t have a humble heart, who relies on his deeds and his valour, who doesn’t follow strictly the teachings of the Orthodox Church but follows another tradition and on that base he forms his own view of life is under the influence of a demonic deceit. In the description of this example of Christian yoga are found the traits of the person who from the spiritual point of view goes astray either towards pagan religions or towards the sectarian experiences. On both ways it is about the same `opening` and desire to be possessed by a spirit, about the same quest not for God but for spiritual comforts, about the same self intoxication that’s taken as a state of grace, the same unbelievable easiness with which anyone becomes all of a sudden contemplative and mystical, the same `mystical revelations` and `pseudo spiritual states`

Any person who is a slightly fancier of the Orthdox spiritual experience sees that this poor Christian yogi is the victim of some smaller demons who are lurking the seekers of spiritual experiences. He fell victim to his owns religious delusions produced by a sick mind and by a heart totally unprepared for the invisible fight against demonic deceits. No yoga branch has anything in common with the Christian practices although it is spread a connection between the Jesus prayer and the so-called Christian yoga; on the contrary these are against Christianity, against the commandments of God. As it is the case with the practice of Tantra-Yoga (common lust), unfortunately practiced even in our country by a number of young people under the spiritual guidance – for not saying demonic guidance – of  Gregorian Bivolaru and that destroyed thousands of naïve and gullible young people. There are some people who call mystical communion the physical pleasures satisfied in common. The adepts of fornication and lust distort the words of God! These men, three times wretched, wrap in holy words the sexual intercourse and think this takes them to the Kingdom of God…

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