The world has been changed by an unplanned pregnancy by humans

Does God, Who is above all things, leave anything to chance? Something as important as the creation of a human being?

No, He does not, but it may appear that way to humans. An unplanned child by humans is still a child created by God, who has a unique identity, unique gifts, and unique purposes to fulfill in life. Many unplanned children have become a source of support and joy for their parents.

Moreover, an unplanned child by humans has uniquely changed the world: Jesus was not expected by His adoptive father, and the Virgin Mary did not know that she would conceive the Messiah. But the Virgin Mary said “yes” to His incarnation, and Joseph the Righteous said “yes” to His protection. As we rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ during Christmas, let us trust that every child is a gift from God, and the world is called to receive and protect them.

An unplanned child by humans is not a failure but a surprising gift from God!

Source: Students for life Bucharest.

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