God`s mercy

Priest Ioan Istrati

A lady came to our church. She was very upset. Her husband and two sons mocked her, humiliated her, spoke offensively to her and they didn`t listen anything.

It is a situation encountered permanently. The emancipated  children educated by tik tok this window of the schizophrenic despair become torturers of their parents. If they receive acceptance from one of their parents it is terrible

I told her:

`Lady, there is no smoke without fire, nor fire without fuel. The others feel you are hurt by what they do and they feed themselves with your pain.

`And what to do, father?`

`At anything they would say answer just this: `God`s mercy. No matter how big would be the offences, say just this.

`How father not to respond to all their offences.

`Yes, lady, otherwise you won`t chase away the demon of dissension from your house. And pray a lot, read the Akathist of the Holy Mother of God the reconciliation of the quarreled.

I prayed for them as well.

After about a month the woman came again to the church.

She told me :

`Father they attacked me immediately. They told me bad words, offences. I said: God`s mercy. This expression burnt them. They laughed of me. I said: God`s mercy. The daughter: `You are stupid.` What to do? `God`s mercy. Until one day they stopped. They saw that they attacked me in vain

After a week of prayers my husband and children began to be kinder, more understanding. They began to say the same: God`s mercy. Now we understand with each other perfectly.

I said smiling:

God`s mercy.

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