Learn to say enough for today !

Worries are a real disaster for the spiritual life. They are the poison which destroys the man slowly. They destroy not only our spiritual life, but also our worldly life and our relationships with people. Have you noticed how the families of nowadays fall apart? And what’s the reason? `I have no time!` The father is immersed in his own thoughts. The mother meditates at a lot of problems too. How can these people communicate with each other?

You always hear: `Not now! I am busy!`

The child comes to speak with his mother:

`Mother, I want to tell you something.`

`Leave me now, don’t you see that I am busy.`

`But when aren’t you busy?`

And it’s very normal to ask her: `When aren’t you busy, when will you have time for me?`

Worries, just worries which destroy us. And in the end you remain with nothing left. The spiritual man must know the measure. Set your own measure. Learn to say: Enough. Enough for today! Don’t continue anymore, stop yourself. You came home, shut your phone, leave all your worries aside – now you are at home, give the due time and attention to your family, to yourself and to God.

Metropolitan Athanasios of de Limassol

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