Do like this and you will save your soul

Abba Anthony when he was living in the desert fell into a deep boredom (akedia) and a great darkening of his thoughts (logismos). And he told to God:

„God, I want to save my soul and my thoughts don`t let me in peace. What to do in my suffering? How to save my soul?`

And getting up for a while to look outside, Anthony saw someone else resembling him, sitting at work, getting up to pray and sitting down to braid a rope and then getting up again for prayer. This was God`s Angel sent to redress and clarify Anthony. He heard the Angel saying:`

 `Do like this and you will save your soul.

And hearing these he was glad and got courage and doinmg like this he saved his soul.

Excerpt from the Egyptian Patericon– about Abba Anthony.

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