There is a day in the year when…

An elder said:

`There was once a very rich peasant. Wanting to teach his sons, he told them:

`My children, you know how I got rich. You too will get rich if you listen to me.`

His sons told him :

`Please father tell us what to do.`

Then the peasant told them slyly:

`There is a day in the year when, if someone is working then, he gets rich – but I got old and I forgot which day is that. Do not stay without work in any of the working days from the year, cause maybe one of all these is that blessed day and if you don`t work then you worked in vain all the year round.`

It is the same for us: if we toil without cease we find the path of life.`

Excerpt from Why I am not an angel. Tales to spend the time usefully – Sophia.

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