Big miracle! So what?

Priest Visarion Alexa

I would like you to understand the Gospel of today. Jesus does not revive the son of the widow from Nain to show His omnipotence, to show He is the Lord of life and death, but knowing the people were helpless, He makes this miracle so that the people who don`t have any spiritual eyesight may understand what happens in the encounter between the man and God: the absolution of his sins out of God`s great love.

The monks from Athos when they see or make a miracle place this fact on the second or third place. Do you know what is in the first place? What we should see and we don`t want to see: our sins.

Father Galeriu says as follows : `You run after men who walk on water, after men who make miracles, you seek miracles, but the greatest miracle a man can make with himself is to turn his look to himself and see his own sins.`

I don`t know  if you are aware what this thing meand, taking into account that most of the time we live out of ourselves. I was ready to say out of our minds, but it may be equal to that…

How much time do we spend alone looking within ourselves?

What is an awake man? A man who begins to see himself one day and realize that all the evil around himself comes from him and who from that moment on declares a struggle on life and death to that evil.

God has the power to revive the man from any situation he may be, but is this our aim?

We live sinfully, we get sick, then God brings us back to life and we still remain casehardened.

How many times God makes miracles with us and we are still out of our minds and ungrateful?

We don`t try to change anything, we don`t begin any work against evil, we don`t see at all our own mistakes and we continue to find other guilty people for our bad moods and for all the evil in the world.

Woe to the man who doesn`t see beyond the gift God made him, who doesn`t see beyond the fantastic happening he witnessed.

Until we won`t declare war to the evil within us, not from the others, we will be just the slaves of the miracles around us, no matter if they are small or big.

We will have highways in Romania, it will become a prosperous country and then we will say: What a great miracle. So what? With this did it change anything within yourself? Did it take place the act of awakening?

The times are gloomy. Many things are mixed up, ideologies over ideologies, promises over promises. You hear from all sides that Romania will bloom, that we will have highways,  that the investors will come, that the lamb and wolf will live together. There are parties which promise us they won`t steal anymore, that milk and honey will overflow. Do not enroll in a party to stamp up and make promises. It is not enough. You will see that you live a profound lack of balance and peace.

Do not delude yourselves, all these will pass. The conflict regarding COVID will pass, we will resume our lives.

What will have changed in the man? What will we have learnt from this situation? Nothing, I tell you. Because we don`t proceed to any awakening, we don`t try to see beyond appearances.

The Lord says : `If you hate someone in your heart, you have already killed him !` God wants from us to purify our inner self, to look deep down within ourselves and start the battle there.

Why Romanians are stressed and upset and they leave their country? Because they are robbed, because they don`t have highways, because they are deprived of many things, because they are not respected.

But do you think that the sadness from ourselves goes away only with some highways?

Have a watchful mind and analyze from where it comes the greatest evil towards you, what causes you the greatest sadness and suffering.

Isn`t it the evil from within yourself ? The struggle with the evil from your own heart is the greatest art craft you can perform to perfection.

When you are possessed by sadness, anxiety and depression, when you have no meaning and peace, the tradition of our Church says that this is a temptation for the man who thinks the evil comes from those around him, not from himself.

Look at yourself, see how easy you fall, how easy you embitter yourself, how easy you judge and turn against your brother.

May God give you power to open up your spiritual eyes, power to see from where the evil comes and fight with this evil every day until you will gain happiness and peace.

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