A vigil with…devils

– Once, when I was at the Cell of the Holy Cross, I spent a very beautiful vigil, because at night many devils gathered in the attic of the cell. At first they hit hard, as if they had sledgehammers, then they made a noise, as if they were rolling large stumps, tree trunks. I made the sign of the Cross on the ceiling and sang: We worship Your Cross, Lord… [1]. As soon as I finished, the stumps started again. “Now, I said to myself, we will make two strangers. One of you with the stumps, up there, and one of me, down here”. When I started, they stopped. Once we sang: We worship Your Cross…, then: Lord, weapon against the devil, You gave us Your Cross…[2]. I spent the most pleasant night with psalmody, and when
I stopped a little, they continued with the fun. Each time they presented a different song.

– When you sang for the first time, didn’t they leave?

– No. But as soon as I finished, they started. Yes, we had to put out a vigil on both sides. It was a beautiful vigil. I sang with thirst. I spent pleasant days…

– Father, how is the devil?

– Do you know what “beautiful” is? Something special. Just see him. Oh, how good it is that the love ofGod does not allow man to see the devil! Because most would have died of fear. Think what would happen to the man if he saw how he acts, if he saw his “sweet” face! But some would have had the best fun. You know what fun? What do you call him? Cinema?… But for someone to see such a film, they have to pay a lot… and I don’t know if they could see it!

– Does it have horns, a tail?

– Yes, all accessories!!!

– Father, did the devils become so ugly when they fell and became devils from angels?

– Well, of course! And now they are as if struck by lightning. If a bolt of lightning falls and strikes a tree, will it not immediately become a black log? So are they, as if struck by lightning. At one time I was saying to devil: “Come to see you, so that I don’t fall into your hands! If only now that I see you I realize how bad you are, how bad you won’t do me if I happen to fall into your hands!”.

    [1] We worship Your Cross, Lord, and we praise and glorify Your Holy Resurrection. Troparion of the Feast of the Holy Cross.
    [2] Stichera of the Resurrection from the praises of the voice 8.

    Excerpt from With pain and love for contemporary man – Saint Paisios the Athonite, Evangelismos Publishing House.

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