The human soul is like a vessel

Although it is boundless, the soul of man is like a vessel. It fills and empties, or breaks like a vessel.

People pleasing to God are called in Scripture chosen vessels (Acts 9, 15), and dishonest ones are vessels of wood and clay (2 Timothy 2, 20).

If we lean over the heart, we can feel whether it is full or empty, or whether our soul is broken or has cracks through which our warmth escapes.

Recently I learned that the Japanese do not throw away the broken vessels, but glue them with melted gold, so that the cracks form a highly valuable design. And the more cracks there are, the more valuable the vessel becomes, having more gold.

Tears are the molten gold that glues the soul damaged by sins, making it even more precious than before. In such vessels glued with the gold of tears God rests.

Rev. Savatie Bastovoi 

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