5 terrible prophecies about what expects us soon

The times we’re living are more and more troubled, more and more insecure.

The peace people seek is increasingly difficult to achieve. The globalized society forces the man to go in a certain direction and with a certain speed. And if someone tries to be different than the general trend, he is sanctioned, banned, eliminated.

A man like this who was his whole life a chosen vessel of God and a guiding light for those who knew him, is saint Gabriel the Georgian (1929-1995).

Saint Gabriel was always rejected by the society but not because of any elitism or terribleness, only because he wanted to live authentically, sincerely, without any compromises his relationship with God. For this reason he received from God the gift of prophecy due to which he could warn and encourage his fellow men. We present below some of his prophecies:

  1. In the time of the antichrist, some people will interpret the Scriptures after their own minds, poor wretched! Then the disciples of the antichrist will celebrate the divine service, they will make the sign of the cross and they will preach the Gospel. But the real Christians will be known by their good deeds.


2.Satan sets 666 traps. His seal won’t be invisible, it will be seen on the forehead and arms. If the seal is applied by force in the eyes of God this will be like the rape of a virgin. The hardest trial of the Christians will be to see that their parents will accept to be sealed. The seal will have no effect if it is applied against the will of man. But imagine the trap set by the antichrist for a single mother with five children! How to feed them if not by accepting the seal?


3.The true Christians won’t suffer of any hunger or thirst. During the hardships, the Christians will survive. God will make miracles for them. A leaf will be enough for them for a whole month. If they make the sign of the cross over a piece of land, this will turn into bread.


4.The true faith dwells in the heart not in the mind. The antichrist will be denounced overtly by the Christians who have their faith in their hearts while those who have their faith in their mind will follow him.


5.Never lose your trust in God and you will be safe from hunger, thirst and troubles.


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