You won`t always attract the ones like you

No, never tell me that the similar people attract each other.

It may be possible that you who are kind can attract a wicked, revengeful person.

It may be possible that you who are fond of truth can attract a liar. It may be possible that you who are loyal and honest can attract near you the one who is used to fool and cheat.

It may be possible that you who are faithful and fond of the church can attract those who have their hearts petrified and forgot to look to the skies.

Birds of a feather flock together, you are telling me.

But I tell you again:

No, not always you attract those who are like you. Most of the times in life the people who come to you are those who have a desperate need of what they did not find in themselves, of your light, of your smile, of your gentleness. Be kind with these. Do not send them away. Ultimately the fire test of the life of a Christian is not only to love Jesus, but also to love Judas and Zacchaeus and all those whom nobody wants to include in the remembrance list from their heart because they are not alike…

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