10 lei and 50 bani

A little girl entered her room and took out from the hiding place from the closet a jar. She turned over its content on the floor and started counting the money carefully. She counted thrice the money and the result remained the same. It was no way to be mistaken.

She put the coins carefully in the jar then put the lid and went out on the backdoor and crossed six streets until she reached the pharmacy with the green sign at the entrance.

She waited patiently until the pharmacist looked carefully at her but he was very busy at that moment. The girl moved her feet to make noise. Nothing happened. She tried to make a sound to draw his attention but nothing happened. In the end she took out a coin from her jar and out it on the counter. This had an effect.

`What do you want ?` asked the pharmacist on an irritated tone. I am speaking with my brother I haven`t seen for years` he said without waiting for the answer to his question.

`In fact I want to speak with you about my brother – the girl answered on the same high tone. He is very sick and I want to buy a miracle.

`What?` asked the pharmacist.

`His name is Andrew and something bad is growing in his head and father said that only a wonder can help him now. So how much is a miracle?`

`We don`t sell miracles, girl` `I am sorry, I can`t help you`, the pharmacist said a little bit softened.

`See I have money to pay you. If it is not enough, I gather the rest. Only tell me how much it is.`

The brother of the pharmacist was a well dressed man. He turned to the girl and asked her:

`What kind of miracle does your brother need?`

`I don`t know` the little girl answered. `I only know that mother says he need a surgery. But my father can`t pay it so I want to use my money.`

`How much money do you have?`asked the man.

`I have 10 lei and 50 bani, she answered quietly. This is all themoney I have, but I can get some more.`

`What a coincidence` said the man smiling. A miracle for brothers costs exactly 10 lei and 50 bani.

He took the money in one hand and with the other one he took the girl`s hand and said:

`Show me where you live. I want to see your little brother and know your parents. Let`s see if I have that miracle you need.`

The well-dressed man was a famous surgeon specialized in neurosurgery. The surgery was free of charge and not until long Andrew returned home and he felt well. The mother and father spoke with pleasure about the hread of events which had brought them there.

`That surgery was a real miracle` the mother whispered. I wonder how much did it cost.

The little girl smiled. She knew exactly how much it cost the miracle…10 lei and 50 bani plus the faith of a small child.

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