The past days reminded me about the proverb from the title when the Romanian society experienced the disaster related to the death and suffer of so many people burned in a club from Bucharest. Such a sadness and grief! I was thinking about the youngsters of nowadays who are influenced by the spirit of some celebrations with an occult content. This is the case of celebrating Halloween in the club from Bucharest. A celebration that has a demonic character through which the participants lose their temper trying to imitate whoever, especially the devil.

May no one believe that I want to condemn these people that now suffer. This thought is far from me, especially that there were among them also minors. I am overwhelmed by sadness when I look at us, the responsible ones for the reality that we live and raise our children in. From the very first moments of their lives we entrust our children to the computers, tablets, things that know how to “educate” them so that after few years of their life we see our little ones becoming isolated, irritated, stubborn and even aggressive. Some of them behave like they are possessed. I tried to analyze their preferences. They choose for things that are tougher, more expressive, for action, for fantastic…. After such type of influences a little girl does not look for a collection of dolls but of dinosaurs; the little boy does not crave for cars and little soldiers but for phantoms and beings with a deformed image. They are part also from those who suffer from an early stage being affected by all that horridness. The new generation is begotten by phobias. We should not be surprised if the youngsters commit suicide or rape or use drugs… We “reap what we sow”! Some parents are categorically against the class of religion or against the presence of a priest during the school festivities, they ask to remove the icons from schools but they are very tolerant when their children wear satanic symbols or when on 31st of October they go to school guised and made-up as the characters from horror movies.

Only when something awful happens we remember God and we try to charge Him for all the disasters. “How did God let this happen?” “Where is your God?”, “There is no justice over the face of the earth!”, “I will never believe in God again!”, “Why did You take this away from me…” are just a few from the expressions we heard from people when they faced a grief, a loss… We blame everybody, including God but we don’t blame us, the ones who refuse to serve the good and choose for the opposite. In Chisinau a club succeeded to get a totally unusual name – “Heaven” because the earthly life for some people is resumed only to some passions. Others go even further and go over to the side of darkness and defile the holy ones. Media promotes Halloween as a way of entertainment, jokes and disguise and deliberately or not overlooks the occult content. There are not advertised the cases when on Halloween holy things are defiled.

We cannot overlook another sad reality: wizards, sorcerers that invoke the evil force but also wandered people who call on them to help them… And similar to them so many others who live according to the evil laws… And then you wonder where is so much evil coming from?! When these tragedies happen to us, we should ask ourselves what have we done wrong and after acknowledging it to head our lives to God. Thus we will not fail! May we always look for the help of God as the tempter does always do his job without even calling him!

Father Octavian Mosin

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