30th October 2015, a black day in the history of Romanian nation. Faded souls, ruined lives… Today the number of the deceased from the Colectiv Club from the capital reached 32. Many rushed to judge them and contemptuously call them “Satanists” just because they listened to rock music. Others came to the conclusion that their death was not just a simple tragic accident but it was a divine punishment for their belief. Yet, the satanic rituals did not take place during the night of 30th of October in Colectiv Club from the capital but during the Holy Week!

The acts that happened in Colectiv Club several months ago surpasses a lot the world of arts. 7th April 2015, a day from what Romanians call the Holy Week, Club Colectiv hosted the concert of the Swedish Black Metal band, Watain. During their performance there were used inverted crosses with goat heads stuck on them while the people from the audience were sprinkled with animal blood. It was real animal blood, not an artificial substance! Nobody died then, was hurt or suffered… Nobody blamed anybody, nor blasphemed or offended beliefs or musical preferences.

The members of Watain band proclaimed themselves as theistic Satanists. All the lyrics are written by the voice performer of the band, Erik Danielsson who says that the themes they approach are based on the Satanist religion and they should not be considered just simple worshipers of the Devil. Danielsson believes that all the members of the band need to share the same belief in order to achieve something so personal as music is. The Watain band is a supporter of the Luciferian Misanthropic Order, a cult founded by Jon Nodtveidt, also associated with animal abuse and kill. The Watain band became famous after TMZ tabloid site published images with the band performer while he was throwing with blood on the audience. As a matter of fact he admitted that he usually sacrifices animals during their concerts.

The same type of pagan ritual took place in the Colectiv Club during the Holy Week, while the band performed the song “Devil’s blood”.

We will never know if there is any connection between the satanic rituals performed in the Club Colectiv during the Holy Week and the tragedy occurred on the Halloween night. Yet we know that a lot from those present at the Watain concert were in the same hall at the concert of Goodbye to Gravity band and that some of them died in the fire there.

Editor: Tudor Andrei