You have to feel pain

The soul of the Christian must be fragile, sensitive, to fly and soar into eternity, among stars in the greatness of God, in silence.

Who wants to become a Christian must fist become a poet. That`s it. You have to feel pain; to love and feel pain. To feel pain for the one you love. Love makes efforts for the beloved one. It runs all night, keeps vigil and makes bleeding its feet to meet the beloved one.

It sacrifices itself and doesn`t care about anything, about threats, difficulties, because of love. The love for Christ is a different thing, much more, endlessly higher

When we say love it is not about the virtues we acquire but about the loving heart fond of Christ and of the rest. We must turn everything towards this.

We see a mother with her baby in her arms kissing him and pampering him ? We see her face shining when she keeps in her arms her little angel? The man of God sees all these, he is touched by all and being thirsty he says: If I only had that ardent love for my God, for my Christ, for the Most Pure and Holy Mother of God, for our Saints!`

This is how we should love Christ, God. This is the love you desire, you want and you gain by the Grace of God.

Excerpt from Elder Porphyrios is speaking to us – The life and words, Egumenița.

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