Primitive forms of manifestation?!

Priest Bogdan Chiorean

A few years ago I had a patient hospitalized at the beginning of August.

She told me that before coming to us she passed by the Icon of the Holy Mother of God from Nicula Monastery. When she arrived before the Icon she didn`t want to ask for anything, she only burst into tears and and let her tears speak to the Holy Mother of God.

Then she went to the small wooden church and surrounded it for three times in her wheeling chair. She was not able anymore on her elbows and knees as she used to do before.

Some are surprised by these forms of manifestation. They consider them primitive dating from Middle Ages and so on…

But what about Peter who met Christ and before throwing himself into the water to swim he puts his coat on? Or what about Zacchaeus the chief of the publicans, a man with a high rank and position who climbs a tree to see Christ not taking into account the opinions and words?

The real encounter with Go dis so personal that can lead to manifestations which may seem unsuitable to those who are still far away.

I often imagine heaven as a dance floor where the Saints make a dance around God and He in His endless love takes out the clocks from the walls so that their joy may be eternal.

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