The graveyard is the most important school of eternity

The graveyard is the most important school of eternity. When I had thoughts of pride I visited the resting place of the emperors and of the great personalities. They all are found in the same box of death regardless of the status they had had in their life. I haven`t found any dead man to be proud of his past or care about the good deeds he had in his life.

I haven`t met pride in the tomb of the ancestors neither the hate nor the pride from the past, when they walked through life. At the tomb the vanities leave us and all friendships are only dust blown by the wind when the toll of death rings without exception for everyone of us.

However I saw hope at the resting place of the Saints and in the graveyards where great priests repose. There I felt hope and peace. I remembered the words of Christ from the Scripture: My sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow Me. I give them eternal life and they shall never die. And nobody will take them from my hand.

We will leave all fortunes one day and others will take them into their possession. The children will grow and they will go to their own homes and in the end we will become memories even for our dear ones. But beyond this life there is a single hope that will never die, the dead and Resurrected Christ!