Why we don`t miss Christ?

We miss each other but we don`t miss Christ. We don`t miss Him and this is very sad!

But He misses us badly. Before being Crucified He told His disciples: `I yearned to have this Passover supper with you.`

The world feels a void and this is the needed to time for the wish to be born. If there is no wish, the Holy Spirit doesn`t come, He doesn`t come if you are self-sufficient. If you don`t have problems, nobody comes. It is the time of desire.

The philosopher Leszek Kolakovski says: `Real is what is yearned with a real intensity.` You don`t wish, you don`t have. You aren`t, you have no sense.

Why don`t we want Christ ? He doesn`t come because we don`t want Him! Do we wait for the resurrection of the dead and the afterlife? No way. We don`t feel anymore that we miss the essential, that we miss God. Without Him, our reality from today crushes us every day. He remained with us eucharistically in the form of the bread and wine but we still don`t want Him.

He says: `I yearned to have this Passover supper with you but we don`t have the same yearning for eating it. Divinity comes in all its beauty and lives in our lives at our level with our sufferings which He takes at every Liturgy and bear. God makes divine gestures in our personal hell and fixes it one more time. So once again: who loves whom?`

God loves the man first. You don`t answer to Him accordingly then you are not at the right level. You answer to God with an answer appropriate for God (I yearned to have this Passover supper with you – I have come yearning to commune, God) and you are according to the image and resemblance of your answer. You are that answer.

This is the equation of the eternity of love : Love for love, love out of love, divine symmetry.

Priest Adam

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